Langhe and Barolo: one of the cradles of Italian food

Barolo - Visit ItalyThe Langhe is one of the areas where historically divided the Piedmont region, located northwest of northern Italy

Langhe (with Barolo), Monferrato and Roero, have been selected by Unesco for their cultural heritage. They are also scenically….amazing. The sweetness of the hills, with colored and regular cultivated fields, make it an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the beauty that nature can give, joined by agriculture and human labor. Continue reading

Sicily: the thousand flavors of island

panorama sicilia - usDGAVRILEA zone where the uniqueness is the common constant

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, a beautiful land that is a crossroads, since thousands of years, for people, culture, traditions and flavors.

Sicily is located in the southern part of the Italian peninsula and you can consider it a treasure chest with thousands of environmental resources: landscape and gastronomic. Continue reading

The Monferrato

A puzzle formed by many pieces, as if they were almost part of different designs, but that always fit together and bind naturally and harmoniously to the remaining fragments. The many areas of Italy, to tell and find out, could be considered in this way. Few are those known, endless are the least famous and sometimes unknown.

Even in the south of Piedmont, between giants of wine production as Langhe and Roero, an area wide average can find space, but also with the same unique characteristics: the Monferrato. Near the Lomellina in Lombardy, but also to Liguria. Sweet hills, the natural habitat of the vineyard that has always grown here. Continue reading