Rosso di Mazara, shrimp with heart

Rosso di Mazara - Red ShrimpRosso di Mazara: a real diamond, caught daily from Sicilian waters

A passion, not just a profession, that of Paul Giacalone and his entire family.

We are in Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily. This city is located in the southwest of the region near Trapani. It is about 200 km from the Tunisian coast and strolling in the old town you can lose yourself among small picturesque streets. Continue reading

Valentina Blunda: oil and wine from Sicily

valentina blundaThe warmth and quality of southern Italy in your extra virgin olive oil

The company, led by Valentina Blunda, is located in the warm and sunny Sicily, the largest island in southern Italy and in particular in the province of Trapani. An area with fertile soil and a mild climate even in winter.

The production is oriented to the wines and extra virgin olive oil. All the olives are grown on the farm and pressed immediately after harvesting. The only variety of cultivated olive tree is the Nocellara of Belice, an original native cultivar of these areas.

The farm manages to successfully combine the authentic agricultural tradition of the Belice Valley with innovation and the use of techniques that aim to respect the raw material for the production of oils and of the highest quality wines. Continue reading

Abrigo: winemakers of Langa

54AbrigoPigiaturaWhere the heart of Italian wine beats

Langhe, an agricultural territory that has always been dedicated to growing grapes; a place where the horizon seems far away and where the gaze is lost in the fantastic wine geometries, stopped only by the highest peaks of the Alps. It’s amazing how all the pieces of this confusing puzzle are in the right place. Everything is in order. If you listen closely, your breath is suspended and you find yourself immersed in a sweet calm and just for a few moments, intoxicated by the fine light scent of must. Continue reading

Monna Giovannella: respect for the earth

Monna GiovannellaLove and passion of a group of friends…

Monna Giovannella is the company formed by four friends who in 2007 decided to give back the former glory and excitement to a business stopped for over 10 years.

The choices have always been oriented towards the respect of the land and the sustainability of crops and for Monna Giovannella these words are not used inappropriately: diversification of production, organic farming and the use of certain techniques such as green manure or rotation, they have indeed characterized the company’s approach from the start. Continue reading

Bonini Modena: unrivaled

Acetaia boniniThe slow acidification of the boiled must …

A century-old history is that of the Bonini family whit the Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena and their Acetaia.

In the world of balsamic, the most delicate phase is related to aging. Precisely for this stage they apply many unwritten rules, which instead passed down from generation to generation.

Boiled grape must grow old and become vinegar slowly and only in this way, with knowledge and control of this process as delicate as very natural, spontaneous reaction of ethanol. Continue reading

Cascina Stella: wisdom, knowledge and virtues of the past

cascina-stella-carniThe Piemontese meat, tasty and natural …

This is the story of Giuseppe and Pietro, who, at the turn of the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century they decided to make a change in their lives. They had a house and sold it at a price of 50,000 liras, the old currency used in Italy. With this money gave the deposit for what would become their future: the purchase of Cascina Stella. But it cost a lot more, three times.

In 1935, although it was a really tragic fact, the second war of Ethiopia, also known as the War of Abyssinia, was their greatest fortune: the great inflation tripled the sales price of wheat and Joseph, with his brother Peter, managed to pay off all debt. Continue reading

Brezza: Barolo that fascinates

gallery-07-1024x683Winemakers since 1885, a long family tradition

Brezza family owns vineyards among the most renowned in the town of Barolo since 1885. The company was named after Giacomo Brezza who first, with his father Antonio, began in 1910 to bottle wine: a rarity in those days, where wine was sold locally and mainly in bulk.

The farm is located a few steps from the center of the small town of Barolo, surrounded by its charming and characteristic vineyards. Agricultural choices to manage the cultivation, are based on certified organic farming dictates. Continue reading

Cà Versa: a corner of paradise

foto-confetture-1024x782 The artisanal jams with no sugar addition!

There are magical places, where you can forget about commitments and stress of city life, places where rhythms slow down and nature becomes the first protagonist and you experience the beauty of being alive, being able to dedicate the necessary attention to listen to your mind, emotions and body.

Farmhouse Cà Versa, with its land, is the place to recharge your batteries, where you feel at home with friends. In this place grow natural ingredients to produce jams that, in addition to being served in the farm restaurant, are marketed and sold to people which is careful to the authenticity and quality. Continue reading

A family story: Opera Terrae

IMG_0822_ridottoOnly genuine products, organic and authentic

It all began in the early ‘900 with Joseph, a young farmer in search of fortune. Unfortunately came WWI and, soon after like many others, he decided to leave for the United States of America. Few years later, and with some savings he returned to Italy. So he bought some land and planted citrus. Thus began the great adventure.

After World War II Joseph’s son, Pasquale, married. As is tradition in agricultural economies, the father gave land to his son, as a project for the future. Continue reading

CasArrigoni: Cheese stories

casArrigoniThe mountain refinement: are the people who create the cheese

Val Taleggio is a small valley located in the Orobie Pre-Alps, in the mountainous area of the province of Bergamo, a beautiful town near Milan.

Among these mountains, comes the story of a famous and well-known cheese: Taleggio DOP, it is a symbol of the art of making cheese, handed down from generation to generation. The valley is perpendicular to the largest Brembana Valley. An environment at about 1000 meters above sea level characterized by the presence of fresh air, forests, streams and pristine nature. This place is ideal for the perfect ripening of renowned cheeses produced in the area. Continue reading