A new fantastic homecoming in Trado: the brand new wine “Teresco rosé”

A new fantastic homecoming in Trado: the brand new wine “Teresco rosé”

An Italian rosé sparkling wine, produced in Oltrepo Pavese, an important wine-growing area. This sparkling wine is produced from a cuvée of Chardonnay (15%) and Pinot Noir (85%) vinified in pink, that is, with limited maceration, instead of the typical red winemaking. The pigments that give color to the wine are in fact present in the grape skin and not in the pulp.

For the production of this sparkling rosé wine, red berry must is extracted through a gentle pressing, taking care to limit the excessive rupture of the skins and the release of the pigment dyes and polyphenols. Then, after a slight “cold” maceration for a total of 36-48 hours, the vinification is carried out in steel tanks for about 6 months. Finally, you get the sparkling wine with the Charmat method, remaining 6 months on the lees before bottling. The aging ends in the bottle for about 3 months.

The wine is bright salmon color and is well suited to be served as an aperitif or paired with grilled fish and shellfish, slightly seasoned cheeses and delicate dishes, white meats and pizza. Serve strictly at a temperature of about 4-6 degrees centigrade.

A rosé sparkling wine, elegant and refined, with a delightful character and great versatility in combination with foods.


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