The soup by Salvatore Morello – Trado Executive chef

The soup by Salvatore Morello – Trado Executive chef

Soup is among the favorite dishes not only in areas where the weather is cold. Chef Salvatore Morello is from Calabria, a land of warm and temperate climate and deep rural history. In memory of his homeland he has developed a creative soup, simple for it to feel itself soup, but at the same time complex, as only the hand of a chef can do.

“In southern Italy peasants, returning from work in the fields, came back tired and eat this tomato soup with eggs inside and some poor but nutritious veggie.

This is my memory of my grandparents. For this reason, in the nostalgic reflection that sometimes takes me, I wondered how to best honor them with my skills.

So after some time and study that lasted nearly nine months, I sferificato a white tomato soup. Then I marinated egg yolk aging it almost bottarga creating a special texture. I thought I’d serve it with green asparagus tips and a quinoa biscuit.

I then completed the plate with a gold leaf and because it lacked minerality, but also symbolically an element of revenge on poverty. “

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