Chicory Cannelloni stuffed with cotechino

Chicory Cannelloni stuffed with cotechino

Recipe by Chef Salvatore Morello – Trado Brand Executive Chef

For pasta:

  • 1 kg of flour
  • 7 eggs
  • 150 g of chicory chlorophyll
  • 3 grams of dehydrated spinach
  • 30 grams of cooked onion cream

It is necessary to sieve the chlorophyll and mix it with the flour eggs and onion cream; 7 eggs are for information only and are to be used whole to take advantage of the opportunity to have different textures.

For Sud chicory, a sauce different by the cream:

  • 1 kg fresh chicory
  • Onion as needed
  • Salt to taste.
  • Pepper as needed

Start blanching chicory for a few seconds and, subsequently, drain and put into water and ice. Divide it into 3 parts: the first part is sauteed with onion, salt, pepper and then processed with a Hot Mix. Cook the second part in the stock, put it in the blender and then sieve the cream (you also can make it using an evaporator*). The third part is cooked once more separately, mix and gel with agar agar, then blend again at high speed.

* If you make Sud using an evaporator, the mixture must be blended. You need to add solvents such as broth or oil. At this point you can start the extraction by controlling time and temperature. The result is a compound with very delicate aromas, similar to what you might perceive in a ripe chicory field.

For the stuffing:

Use the center of the cooked Cotechino of Otrepo to serve normally for other dishes, process leftovers using Paco Jet to make the filling for these cannelloni.

For the lentils:

  • 500 g of lentils
  • Turbot stock
  • Fresh celery q.s.
  • Fresh onion q.s.
  • Fresh carrot q.s.
  • Bay Leaf

To cook lentils, you must create a brunoise made from celery, carrot, onion and bay leaf. We create the gravy in a classic Coccio and, having soaked lentils overnight, add them and let cook over low heat with the turbot stock. Once cooked, leave the lentil infused with a quarter of a vanilla bean.

For turbot:

  • Turbot fillets
  • EVO oil
  • Salt to taste

Take a lionnaise pan and grease it well. Put turbot in the pan and cook with skin side down. When ready, add salt and, with the heat off, turn it on the side of the flesh, leaving it to rest in warm.

Time has come to merge all the preparations and place on the plate.

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