The real Mazara del Vallo Gambero Rosso

The real Mazara del Vallo Gambero Rosso

The city of Mazara del Vallo is famous for the fishing of red crayfish, a common activity in this area and the center of the local economy.

Unfortunately, although controls are intense, yet there is a part of counterfeit food products. In particular, focusing on the Gambero Rosso of Mazara del Vallo, we are witnessing a presence of prawns from Mozambique, similar to those of Mediterranean origin and passed off as Italian.

Awareness of the importance of providing the consumer with the information on the origin of the red prawn, pushed Rosso di Mazara to seek innovative solutions that can give certainty.

“New technologies offer us the opportunity to do it and that’s why we hired to genomics platform of the Technology Park in Lodi to launch a series of experiments in order to implement a method that allows the distinction of the red shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea) of Mediterranean origin compared to red shrimp of Mozambican origin. The activity took place in the search for target genes to be examined and on the basis of the analysis it was possible to obtain a DNA fingerprinting profiles can distinguish the origin of the shrimp. “- From

The Rosso di Mazara is the authentic red shrimp Mediterranean, DNA certificate.

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