Yak Tartare with bergamot and Laphroaig Triple Wood

Yak Tartare with bergamot and Laphroaig Triple Wood

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Recipe of Marco Zamarco – CEO Trado

Yak Tartare, bergamot, Laphroaig Triple Wood


For the tartare

Rump of Yak

Butter milk

Bergamot juice


Worchester Sauce


Dijon mustard

Extra virgin olive oil

Scotch Laphroaig Triple Wood

For the garnish

Bergamot peel



Maldon salt


Marinate the meat, covered with butter milk, for a day.

Prepare the mimosa from the peel of bergamot, moisten with sake and marinate in the refrigerator for a day.

Boil miso, filter it with a chinoise and let it cool.

To prepare the tartare, drain and dry the meat, cleanse it of any connective and beat with a knife in the traditional way.

Prepare the dressing by mixing bergamot juice, miso, Worchester, Angostura, Dijon and the scotch.

Season the meat and add a little oil EVO to make it shiny.

Serve by using a pastry rings with right diameter depending on whether you serve this tartare as an appetizer or as a main course.

Garnish with bergamot mimosa, a sprinkling of Maldon salt and Sezchuan.

Serve with lightly grilled slices of bread.

A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

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Making cheese, not an accidental magic. A cheese survey. 

Part 1/8

Throughout the world there are numerous kinds of cheese, some industrial and other handcrafted, produced from special recipes that reflect the area they come from. The territory that is not only environment and microclimate, but also its cultural meaning, composed of local traditions and customs. In Italy, making cheese is an ancient tradition and today you can find so many different kinds, some protected by designations of origin, others not, but no less prestigious and sought after.

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Goose ravioli of Mastro Gioacchino

Italian goose ravioliItalian goose ravioli: handmade, exquisitely delicate and ready to use

Are the ravioli with goose prepared and studied by Gioacchino Palestro, one of the best craftsmen of the Italian food. Goose, for him, its farming and processing of its meat have no secrets. Dedication, study and perseverance have led to the production of excellent products and Trado has selected it right away. Continue reading

Winter comes and with it… truffles! How to buy?

Winter comes and with it… truffles! How to buy?

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Trado has selected an Umbrian Trifolaio in Norcia, famous area of central Italy hit unfortunately, a few weeks ago, by a serious earthquake. Often you do not have adequate information on how to buy truffles, with the risk of taking big disappointments.

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Truffles, we have selected the best in Umbria

black trufflesSeasonality underlies everything

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Fresh foie gras ready to use in your kitchen

foie gras
credits: Wikipedia

For escalope, pate or terrine: foie gras available to your creativity

This is a valuable raw material that can not miss in the best kitchens. A quality foie gras is essential to achieve the maximum in terms of taste and texture.

Trado chose the liver company Corte dell’Oca of Mortara, where Gioacchino Palestro select geese reared without force feeding, in the respect of the animal. Continue reading