A new fantastic homecoming in Trado: the brand new wine “Teresco rosé”

A new fantastic homecoming in Trado: the brand new wine “Teresco rosé”

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An Italian rosé sparkling wine, produced in Oltrepo Pavese, an important wine-growing area. This sparkling wine is produced from a cuvée of Chardonnay (15%) and Pinot Noir (85%) vinified in pink, that is, with limited maceration, instead of the typical red winemaking. The pigments that give color to the wine are in fact present in the grape skin and not in the pulp.

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Tullio and Marubbio: two significant and diverse red wines

Tenuta Scarpa Colombi - Italian red winesBarbera and Bonarda interpreted by Roberto Colombi

Tullio and Marubbio are two red wines produced in two important areas for viticulture in the north of Italy: the first in Piedmont, Monferrato, and the second in Lombardy, in Oltrepo Pavese.

Not only that, they are two important and representative wines because products from the vinification of grapes from vines very common and well known in Italy, which have contributed to the long history of Italian wine: Barbera and Croatina (also called Bonarda in some areas of Oltrepo pavese). Continue reading

Sicily: the thousand flavors of island

panorama sicilia - panoramio.com usDGAVRILEA zone where the uniqueness is the common constant

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, a beautiful land that is a crossroads, since thousands of years, for people, culture, traditions and flavors.

Sicily is located in the southern part of the Italian peninsula and you can consider it a treasure chest with thousands of environmental resources: landscape and gastronomic. Continue reading

Let’s go to Fuori Vinitaly 2016: #trado will be there!

Let’s go to Fuori Vinitaly 2016: #trado will be there!

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It is approaching the most anticipated wine event in Italy and one the most anticipated of the world, now reached its 50th edition: the Vinitaly!

The food and wine world is seething and there are many side events organized by wineries and institutions.

Trado will not miss: we will be present at the event, Fuori Vinitaly, organized by Azienda Agricola Meroni and Tenuta Scarpa Colombi that, after more than a decade of participation in the fair, decided to create an event a little different right in their lands, but which will allow to breathe the places where their wine is born. Three days of meetings between lovers, friends, journalists and operators enofood world. Continue reading

Brezza: Barolo that fascinates

gallery-07-1024x683Winemakers since 1885, a long family tradition

Brezza family owns vineyards among the most renowned in the town of Barolo since 1885. The company was named after Giacomo Brezza who first, with his father Antonio, began in 1910 to bottle wine: a rarity in those days, where wine was sold locally and mainly in bulk.

The farm is located a few steps from the center of the small town of Barolo, surrounded by its charming and characteristic vineyards. Agricultural choices to manage the cultivation, are based on certified organic farming dictates. Continue reading

Azienda Agricola Diana, great little vineyard in the Oltrepo

cantina 2“A story of a family with a passion for Buttafuoco”

Everything starts almost a century ago, in 1928, by Angelo and his work in the vineyard: in the town areas of Castana, producing excellent Oltrepo pavese wines that already a few years later, in 1951, they obtained important prizes and awards. Besides the passion for the vineyard and wine, that of Angelo was a real affinity with the concept of quality. Its terroirs were typically calcareous and sandy, with sunny slopes and exposed to a constant ventilation. All this, combined with the strong temperature range between day and night, have been and even today make up the climate conditions for the production of healthy grapes with a very low “human intervention”, encouraging their naturalness. Continue reading

Alfredo, the Passito

Alfredo-Moscato-PassitoOnly for exceptional years 

Alfredo is a wine. A very special wine with a complex processing. First of all comes from Moscato grapes, a vine widespread in Italy, considered among aromatics.

Roberto Colombi cultivate these grapes in the vineyards of Tenuta Ghignona of Nizza Monferrato, they are harvested by hand and when they reach the proper maturation and only in exceptional years. It ‘important not to damage the berries because the slightest injury could threaten much of the production. Continue reading