Zerbi rice: the rural oasis right in the middle of the town

coltivazione_web“Between rice fields and poplar groves, fog and herons …”

We are in the center of the village of Pieve Albignola eastern end of Lomellina.

The heart of the towns and villages it is common knowledge is always the most important area, the engine of the main institutional, economic, religious and entertainment venues. In agricultural areas, and in particular rice-growing is easy to see how farms and ancient buildings for husking and processing rice, are always placed in the city center.

The Azienda Agricola Zerbi is one of them: his long-admired work in italian rice cultivation has been going on for four generations. Continue reading

Riserva San Massimo


54CarnaroliThe true Carnaroli rice and its paradise

165 are the days from sowing to harvest.

600 are the hectares which make up the Natural Reserve of San Massimo.

100 hectares are planted with Carnaroli rice 100%.

A true love story lived by Guido Antonello and rice cultivation in this area, the Reserve San Massimo. “From the window of the grey FIAT 1100 I watched the green rice seedlings sprout from the ponds, spring flowering trees around and birds flying in a silly sky, – says Guido Antonello, owner of the estate – I went as a child in San maximum with my father, to find a great friend of his, then owner of San Massimo”.
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