It’s spring, goat’s cheeses come back

It’s spring, goat’s cheeses come back

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Following the rhythms of nature, fresh goat cheese is seasonal and available from spring to late autumn. Trado selected dairymen who respect animals and their natural reproductive cycle and rest.

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Here are some cheeses selected for you:

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A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

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Making cheese, not an accidental magic. A cheese survey. 

Part 1/8

Throughout the world there are numerous kinds of cheese, some industrial and other handcrafted, produced from special recipes that reflect the area they come from. The territory that is not only environment and microclimate, but also its cultural meaning, composed of local traditions and customs. In Italy, making cheese is an ancient tradition and today you can find so many different kinds, some protected by designations of origin, others not, but no less prestigious and sought after.

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The Pan del Pastore, a special cheese

pan del pastore cheese

… Its crust and the smell of just leavened bread

The Shepherd’s Bread (Pan del Pastore) shows a square shape and its size is similar to that of a stracchino cheese.

It’s easy to be amazed by this cheese. From creamy of the dough near the rind and aromas that are released when you cut it. A cheese that you’ll want to eat often. A delicious product for its delicate taste and tactile sensations that gives the taste. It is a bloomy rind cheese, that has a white mold to cover the entire surface. The presence and the development of such a mold is absolutely intentional and controlled, featuring just its own taste characteristics. The creaminess of the rind is generated by the same mold that speed up and facilitate the proteolysis of the peripheral areas of the dough. Continue reading

The cheese, to the origins of the aromas

The cheese, to the origins of the aromas


The scent of milk, the toasted aroma of cream, butter, of a particular hay or of a specific fruit. Because they are found in the cheese? And in all cheese?

WORDS & IMAGES: Lara Abrati 

Cheese is the product of lactic or rennet coagulation of milk, whether whole, skimmed or semi-skimmed. The lactic coagulation is obtained via the acidification of the milk itself, while that rennet is the result of the addition of rennet which can be of two types: animal, when derived from the stomach of calf or baby goat, or vegetable, obtained for example by thistle .

Italy possesses a wealth Dairy considerably large and diversified, not only for obvious differences attributable to the various production techniques, but also to the type of milk used and its consequent bacterial contamination. Continue reading

Caseificio I Gratér


Giovanna with her amazing cheesesOur commitment to a better world

Marco and Giovanna. From the urban chaos of a big city like Milan, they have chosen to get back into play, elsewhere, in search of a human dimension that best suits their needs and their desires. In 1995 they gave birth to this small farm and for twenty years producing goat cheeses that are bursting with flavor and quality.
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