It’s spring, goat’s cheeses come back

It’s spring, goat’s cheeses come back

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Following the rhythms of nature, fresh goat cheese is seasonal and available from spring to late autumn. Trado selected dairymen who respect animals and their natural reproductive cycle and rest.

To learn more read HERE – #trado pills: the seasonality of goat cheese

Here are some cheeses selected for you:

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Elegance: the truffle from a different point of view

Elegance: the truffle from a different point of view

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A wide choice of products made with truffles, to enrich and add flavor to your dishes, giving a special touch to make the difference.
We have selected some very special preparations, in addition to fresh truffles from Norcia in its different varieties (for INFO and ORDER CLICK HERE).
Discover our whole selection: find flavored oils, creams, sauces and some very unique products we tasted and have selected for you: Continue reading

Stuffed pasta: from tradition to creativity

Stuffed pasta: from tradition to creativity

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The filled pasta has ancient origins: a typical example of Italian gastronomic tradition in which countless are the existing types, which vary according to the dough and filling.

We’ve selected some for you, prepared by pasta makers who are dedicated to the production of pasta preserving tradition, but by adding creativity and modernity (INFO and ORDER CLICK HERE). Continue reading

Italian stuffed pasta: between tradition and creativity

Italian stuffed pastaHistorical records report the birth of italian stuffed pasta many centuries ago.

The tradition of italian stuffed pasta, as reported by historical evidence and many legends, in fact, it is very old. We find preparations based on fresh pasta in all the historical cookbooks: from that of Apicius up to that of Maestro Martino. Obviously it is very different from the current methods and processes, confirming that the use of a wrap stuffing with fresh pasta was practice already common. Continue reading

Goose ravioli of Mastro Gioacchino

Italian goose ravioliItalian goose ravioli: handmade, exquisitely delicate and ready to use

Are the ravioli with goose prepared and studied by Gioacchino Palestro, one of the best craftsmen of the Italian food. Goose, for him, its farming and processing of its meat have no secrets. Dedication, study and perseverance have led to the production of excellent products and Trado has selected it right away. Continue reading

Balsamic vinegar: a “path” 40 years long

Traditional balsamic vinegar - BoniniTraditional balsamic vinegar: choose it well, for the balance of your dish

A long, slow aging for traditional balsamic vinegar Acetaia Bonini. A ripening which can vary from a few years up to even 40.
But aging is not to be considered a priority in choosing a balsamic vinegar: you must instead set the target, that is the dish that you want to create and cook.
The sensory characteristics of the raw material that you have chosen for the dish and knowledge of its possible organoleptic changes during the process of transformation or cooking, are critical to choose the correct balsamic vinegar, focusing balanced flavor of the dish to get. Continue reading

The Gambero Rosso fresh and ready to use!

Free of sulfites and worked just caught: a guarantee.

The Rosso di Mazara is caught in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily Region and the neighboring Tunisia. It is a shrimp with certificate DNA, it is the real Aristaeomorpha foliacea. The Giacalone family, immediately after catch, process it to preserve freshness and health, and to avoid using sulfites as antimicrobial. Continue reading

Rosso di Mazara, shrimp with heart

Rosso di Mazara - Red ShrimpRosso di Mazara: a real diamond, caught daily from Sicilian waters

A passion, not just a profession, that of Paul Giacalone and his entire family.

We are in Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily. This city is located in the southwest of the region near Trapani. It is about 200 km from the Tunisian coast and strolling in the old town you can lose yourself among small picturesque streets. Continue reading