Yak Tartare with bergamot and Laphroaig Triple Wood

Yak Tartare with bergamot and Laphroaig Triple Wood

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Recipe of Marco Zamarco – CEO Trado

Yak Tartare, bergamot, Laphroaig Triple Wood


For the tartare

Rump of Yak

Butter milk

Bergamot juice


Worchester Sauce


Dijon mustard

Extra virgin olive oil

Scotch Laphroaig Triple Wood

For the garnish

Bergamot peel



Maldon salt


Marinate the meat, covered with butter milk, for a day.

Prepare the mimosa from the peel of bergamot, moisten with sake and marinate in the refrigerator for a day.

Boil miso, filter it with a chinoise and let it cool.

To prepare the tartare, drain and dry the meat, cleanse it of any connective and beat with a knife in the traditional way.

Prepare the dressing by mixing bergamot juice, miso, Worchester, Angostura, Dijon and the scotch.

Season the meat and add a little oil EVO to make it shiny.

Serve by using a pastry rings with right diameter depending on whether you serve this tartare as an appetizer or as a main course.

Garnish with bergamot mimosa, a sprinkling of Maldon salt and Sezchuan.

Serve with lightly grilled slices of bread.

#recipes and tales – Spaghetti with seaweed Ulva

#recipes and tales – Spaghetti with seaweed Ulva

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WORDS: Gigi Rana and Mario Pennelli – IMAGES: Gigi Rana

Spaghettone Pastifio Mancini, green beans, candied garlic, allspice berry, Ulva seaweed, Seawater Steralmar and Muraglia EVO oil.

A plate empathetic, alive, vital: a dish that invades old and dusty maps outlining new boundaries, tracing new routes.

It is the concept of rewriting, subverting status quo, in a word “revolution”. Continue reading

The fabulous cotechino

per-web-cotechinoThe cotechino cooked, as tradition

The cooked cotechino is considered one of the poorest salami in the Emilian tradition that has spread throughout the Po valley, making it a must in the gastronomic history. It is proposed in various combinations, but in particular often with lentils, boiled spinach or mashed potatoes.

In Italy, tradition says, people eat cotechino with lentils New Year’s Eve as a wish for fortune and prosperity. During this dinner is a dish that can not miss, strictly tasted across midnight, to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Continue reading

Recipe tales – “Risotto” alla Pilota De.Co

Recipe tales – “Risotto” alla Pilota De.Co

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WORDS: Stefania Pompele IMAGES:Riso Zerbi

The Mantua campaign, the left bank of the river Mincio and a small town with an agricultural vocation, Castel d’Ario: this is the cradle of Riso alla Pilota. The origin of this italian recipe of peasant tradition, which got the De.Co. (The municipal designation) through the work of historicizing made by a young restaurateur Marcello Travenzoli (Trattoria Stazione, Castel d’Ario MN). It presumably was born at the turn of the 800 and the early ‘900, when in these areas intensified cultivation of rice and, therefore, were born many rice mills for the processing of this cereal. Continue reading

Risotto with clams and lemon sauce

Risotto with clams and lemon sauce

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Ingredients for 4 people (risotto italian recipe):

  • 300 grams “Autentico Riso Carnaroli Riserva SanMassimo
  • 1 shallot
  • Clams
  • Fish fumet (clams’ cooking water)
  • 10 grams thyme leaves
  • 10 grams butter
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Juiceof 5 lemons
  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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