The fabulous cotechino

per-web-cotechinoThe cotechino cooked, as tradition

The cooked cotechino is considered one of the poorest salami in the Emilian tradition that has spread throughout the Po valley, making it a must in the gastronomic history. It is proposed in various combinations, but in particular often with lentils, boiled spinach or mashed potatoes.

In Italy, tradition says, people eat cotechino with lentils New Year’s Eve as a wish for fortune and prosperity. During this dinner is a dish that can not miss, strictly tasted across midnight, to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Continue reading

The Goose Salami of Mortara

Salame-cotto-oca-IGPThe goose, Mortara and his salami

These animals are said to be present in this area, the Lomellina, since immemorial times. This land, rich in water, has always constituted a strong attraction for the geese during their migration from the mouth of the Nile River to northern Europe, founding an environment suitable to their needs.

The typical industriousness of these areas, combined with the burden of inventiveness and creativity, has meant that over the centuries the people to organize themselves in order to start breeding this useful and profitable animal.

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Daturi, the Art of Delicatessen


550cantina-salumi-dopFrom the countryside to the city … and vice versa!

Even for the sausage factory Daturi, as for other stories artisan, it was fundamental and foundational passion and curiosity, coupled with the ability to get involved, for real.

Here Giancarlo, the founder of the sausage factory, at the age of only 12 years leaves the Oltrepò Pavese to go to the nearby Milan in order to learn the art of butchery. Initiative and tenacity led him and support. Giancarlo Daturi do it.

Meanwhile he is growing, feels the need to return to his homeland, the Oltrepo, putting on his own small shops and then a workshop in the basement, where he worked day and night to produce the sausages for sale personally in street markets of the area, as a true Master Artisan can do.

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