Tullio and Marubbio: two significant and diverse red wines

Tenuta Scarpa Colombi - Italian red winesBarbera and Bonarda interpreted by Roberto Colombi

Tullio and Marubbio are two red wines produced in two important areas for viticulture in the north of Italy: the first in Piedmont, Monferrato, and the second in Lombardy, in Oltrepo Pavese.

Not only that, they are two important and representative wines because products from the vinification of grapes from vines very common and well known in Italy, which have contributed to the long history of Italian wine: Barbera and Croatina (also called Bonarda in some areas of Oltrepo pavese). Continue reading

Azienda Agricola Diana, great little vineyard in the Oltrepo

cantina 2“A story of a family with a passion for Buttafuoco”

Everything starts almost a century ago, in 1928, by Angelo and his work in the vineyard: in the town areas of Castana, producing excellent Oltrepo pavese wines that already a few years later, in 1951, they obtained important prizes and awards. Besides the passion for the vineyard and wine, that of Angelo was a real affinity with the concept of quality. Its terroirs were typically calcareous and sandy, with sunny slopes and exposed to a constant ventilation. All this, combined with the strong temperature range between day and night, have been and even today make up the climate conditions for the production of healthy grapes with a very low “human intervention”, encouraging their naturalness. Continue reading

“Cruasé” Metodo Classico DOCG

CruaseThe mature and rosè 100% Pinot Noir

WORDS: Lara Abrati IMAGES: Tenuta Scarpa Colombi

When you go to taste this wine you must abandon all certainties than the tasting of rosè wine. It is a sparkling wine produced by the method champenoise in Oltrepo Pavese from Pinot Noir 100%, the grape that, due to the spread of its cultivation in this area, has become the symbol of the wine produced locally. The correct wording, according to the denomination of origin is: Oltrepo Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG Cruasé Pinot Noir Brut. Continue reading

Tenuta Scarpa Colombi


54ColombiBlancCantinaThe Oltrepo Pavese you do not expect

A sweet interweaving of family, vines and passion, developed between solid walls and people. You can tell the story of an evolution: structural, agricultural and enological. How perseverance, dedication and passion encourage the robust growth of knowledge and tradition, rooted and real. A family history that continues from generation to generation, more and more enriching.

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