A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

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Making cheese, not an accidental magic. A cheese survey. 

Part 1/8

Throughout the world there are numerous kinds of cheese, some industrial and other handcrafted, produced from special recipes that reflect the area they come from. The territory that is not only environment and microclimate, but also its cultural meaning, composed of local traditions and customs. In Italy, making cheese is an ancient tradition and today you can find so many different kinds, some protected by designations of origin, others not, but no less prestigious and sought after.

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News Trado: here comes the Alps butter

News Trado: here comes the Alps butter

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This mountain butter is a product of excellence rare product for surfacing. It you can use it in every way thanks to its taste characteristics.

Spread on bread, will give the aromas of floral and herbal essences of the mountains, while heated is a great dressing for meats, stuffed pasta, vegetables or rice. It will give the recipe an unparalleled added value. Continue reading

Butter from Fobello, awarded by Gambero Rosso

Mountain butter The real mountain butter, sweet and delicate

Not all the butter is the same. Like any specialties, there are many factors that differentiate and characterize this production made from milk cream.

First, the quality and the type of milk used.

For the mountain butter La Giuncà is used raw milk produced from animals that live freely in the high mountain pastures and that, consequently, they eat flowers and wild herbs. This will definitely improve the nutritional characteristics and changes the color: being flowers and herbal essences rich in carotenoids, the butter will have a definite color, generally pale yellow. Continue reading

Valentina Blunda: oil and wine from Sicily

valentina blundaThe warmth and quality of southern Italy in your extra virgin olive oil

The company, led by Valentina Blunda, is located in the warm and sunny Sicily, the largest island in southern Italy and in particular in the province of Trapani. An area with fertile soil and a mild climate even in winter.

The production is oriented to the wines and extra virgin olive oil. All the olives are grown on the farm and pressed immediately after harvesting. The only variety of cultivated olive tree is the Nocellara of Belice, an original native cultivar of these areas.

The farm manages to successfully combine the authentic agricultural tradition of the Belice Valley with innovation and the use of techniques that aim to respect the raw material for the production of oils and of the highest quality wines. Continue reading

Cà Versa: a corner of paradise

foto-confetture-1024x782 The artisanal jams with no sugar addition!

There are magical places, where you can forget about commitments and stress of city life, places where rhythms slow down and nature becomes the first protagonist and you experience the beauty of being alive, being able to dedicate the necessary attention to listen to your mind, emotions and body.

Farmhouse Cà Versa, with its land, is the place to recharge your batteries, where you feel at home with friends. In this place grow natural ingredients to produce jams that, in addition to being served in the farm restaurant, are marketed and sold to people which is careful to the authenticity and quality. Continue reading

A family story: Opera Terrae

IMG_0822_ridottoOnly genuine products, organic and authentic

It all began in the early ‘900 with Joseph, a young farmer in search of fortune. Unfortunately came WWI and, soon after like many others, he decided to leave for the United States of America. Few years later, and with some savings he returned to Italy. So he bought some land and planted citrus. Thus began the great adventure.

After World War II Joseph’s son, Pasquale, married. As is tradition in agricultural economies, the father gave land to his son, as a project for the future. Continue reading

CasArrigoni: Cheese stories

casArrigoniThe mountain refinement: are the people who create the cheese

Val Taleggio is a small valley located in the Orobie Pre-Alps, in the mountainous area of the province of Bergamo, a beautiful town near Milan.

Among these mountains, comes the story of a famous and well-known cheese: Taleggio DOP, it is a symbol of the art of making cheese, handed down from generation to generation. The valley is perpendicular to the largest Brembana Valley. An environment at about 1000 meters above sea level characterized by the presence of fresh air, forests, streams and pristine nature. This place is ideal for the perfect ripening of renowned cheeses produced in the area. Continue reading

Riserva San Massimo


54CarnaroliThe true Carnaroli rice and its paradise

165 are the days from sowing to harvest.

600 are the hectares which make up the Natural Reserve of San Massimo.

100 hectares are planted with Carnaroli rice 100%.

A true love story lived by Guido Antonello and rice cultivation in this area, the Reserve San Massimo. “From the window of the grey FIAT 1100 I watched the green rice seedlings sprout from the ponds, spring flowering trees around and birds flying in a silly sky, – says Guido Antonello, owner of the estate – I went as a child in San maximum with my father, to find a great friend of his, then owner of San Massimo”.
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