The real Mazara del Vallo Gambero Rosso

The real Mazara del Vallo Gambero Rosso

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The city of Mazara del Vallo is famous for the fishing of red crayfish, a common activity in this area and the center of the local economy.

Unfortunately, although controls are intense, yet there is a part of counterfeit food products. In particular, focusing on the Gambero Rosso of Mazara del Vallo, we are witnessing a presence of prawns from Mozambique, similar to those of Mediterranean origin and passed off as Italian. Continue reading

The Gambero Rosso fresh and ready to use!

Free of sulfites and worked just caught: a guarantee.

The Rosso di Mazara is caught in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily Region and the neighboring Tunisia. It is a shrimp with certificate DNA, it is the real Aristaeomorpha foliacea. The Giacalone family, immediately after catch, process it to preserve freshness and health, and to avoid using sulfites as antimicrobial. Continue reading

Rosso di Mazara, shrimp with heart

Rosso di Mazara - Red ShrimpRosso di Mazara: a real diamond, caught daily from Sicilian waters

A passion, not just a profession, that of Paul Giacalone and his entire family.

We are in Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily. This city is located in the southwest of the region near Trapani. It is about 200 km from the Tunisian coast and strolling in the old town you can lose yourself among small picturesque streets. Continue reading