Blunda: from Sicily, olives with outstanding quality

Blunda-olioExtra virgin olive oil from a local variety: Nocellara del Belice

Each recipe takes its extra virgin olive oil because not every type is the same. There are many factors influencing its taste characteristics, including the area of production and the cultivar (variety and type of olive).

The farm of Blunda is located in the southern part of Italy, particularly in the largest island: Sicily, warm and sunny for most of the year.

The extra virgin olive oils of the South are very different from those of the central and northern Italy: in Sicily it is easy to find many oil with polyphenols, antioxidants that are very useful for our welfare, they are perceived as bitter to the taste and “spicy”.

An extra virgin olive oil with no defects and high quality has exactly these features, in addition to herbaceous aromas such as tomatoes, green peppers and so on.

But the oil is an unsaturated fat very delicate and to preserve with care. When exposed to heat or excessive light, it oxidizes easily acquiring in a short time, a rancid aroma. Continue reading

Sicily: the thousand flavors of island

panorama sicilia - usDGAVRILEA zone where the uniqueness is the common constant

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean, a beautiful land that is a crossroads, since thousands of years, for people, culture, traditions and flavors.

Sicily is located in the southern part of the Italian peninsula and you can consider it a treasure chest with thousands of environmental resources: landscape and gastronomic. Continue reading

Valentina Blunda: oil and wine from Sicily

valentina blundaThe warmth and quality of southern Italy in your extra virgin olive oil

The company, led by Valentina Blunda, is located in the warm and sunny Sicily, the largest island in southern Italy and in particular in the province of Trapani. An area with fertile soil and a mild climate even in winter.

The production is oriented to the wines and extra virgin olive oil. All the olives are grown on the farm and pressed immediately after harvesting. The only variety of cultivated olive tree is the Nocellara of Belice, an original native cultivar of these areas.

The farm manages to successfully combine the authentic agricultural tradition of the Belice Valley with innovation and the use of techniques that aim to respect the raw material for the production of oils and of the highest quality wines. Continue reading