Let’s go to Fuori Vinitaly 2016: #trado will be there!

Let’s go to Fuori Vinitaly 2016: #trado will be there!

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It is approaching the most anticipated wine event in Italy and one the most anticipated of the world, now reached its 50th edition: the Vinitaly!

The food and wine world is seething and there are many side events organized by wineries and institutions.

Trado will not miss: we will be present at the event, Fuori Vinitaly, organized by Azienda Agricola Meroni and Tenuta Scarpa Colombi that, after more than a decade of participation in the fair, decided to create an event a little different right in their lands, but which will allow to breathe the places where their wine is born. Three days of meetings between lovers, friends, journalists and operators enofood world. Continue reading

Blanc de Blancs, white passion!

Blanc-de-BlancsOnly the best white grapes, the Champenoise method and Chardonnay!

Speaking of sparkling wines there is much confusion that hangs and does not allow to exploit some productions as they deserve. In fact, the processing of sparkling wine is a practice as fascinating as technologically diverse and complex.

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Tenuta Scarpa Colombi


54ColombiBlancCantinaThe Oltrepo Pavese you do not expect

A sweet interweaving of family, vines and passion, developed between solid walls and people. You can tell the story of an evolution: structural, agricultural and enological. How perseverance, dedication and passion encourage the robust growth of knowledge and tradition, rooted and real. A family history that continues from generation to generation, more and more enriching.

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