A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

A not accidental magic: from milk to cheese – Part 1/8

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Making cheese, not an accidental magic. A cheese survey. 

Part 1/8

Throughout the world there are numerous kinds of cheese, some industrial and other handcrafted, produced from special recipes that reflect the area they come from. The territory that is not only environment and microclimate, but also its cultural meaning, composed of local traditions and customs. In Italy, making cheese is an ancient tradition and today you can find so many different kinds, some protected by designations of origin, others not, but no less prestigious and sought after.

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Goose ravioli of Mastro Gioacchino

Italian goose ravioliItalian goose ravioli: handmade, exquisitely delicate and ready to use

Are the ravioli with goose prepared and studied by Gioacchino Palestro, one of the best craftsmen of the Italian food. Goose, for him, its farming and processing of its meat have no secrets. Dedication, study and perseverance have led to the production of excellent products and Trado has selected it right away. Continue reading

Rosso di Mazara, shrimp with heart

Rosso di Mazara - Red ShrimpRosso di Mazara: a real diamond, caught daily from Sicilian waters

A passion, not just a profession, that of Paul Giacalone and his entire family.

We are in Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily. This city is located in the southwest of the region near Trapani. It is about 200 km from the Tunisian coast and strolling in the old town you can lose yourself among small picturesque streets. Continue reading

Truffles, we have selected the best in Umbria

black trufflesSeasonality underlies everything

The world of the truffle is complex. Often little knowledge and, above all, provenance often unknown or unclear. All these are the elements that often arise doubts when you buy, also due to the important cost of this valuable product of the earth. Continue reading

News Trado: here comes the Alps butter

News Trado: here comes the Alps butter

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This mountain butter is a product of excellence rare product for surfacing. It you can use it in every way thanks to its taste characteristics.

Spread on bread, will give the aromas of floral and herbal essences of the mountains, while heated is a great dressing for meats, stuffed pasta, vegetables or rice. It will give the recipe an unparalleled added value. Continue reading

Butter from Fobello, awarded by Gambero Rosso

Mountain butter The real mountain butter, sweet and delicate

Not all the butter is the same. Like any specialties, there are many factors that differentiate and characterize this production made from milk cream.

First, the quality and the type of milk used.

For the mountain butter La Giuncà is used raw milk produced from animals that live freely in the high mountain pastures and that, consequently, they eat flowers and wild herbs. This will definitely improve the nutritional characteristics and changes the color: being flowers and herbal essences rich in carotenoids, the butter will have a definite color, generally pale yellow. Continue reading

#trado news – New catalog entries: Coppa and Pancetta…

#trado news – New catalog entries: Coppa and Pancetta…

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The list of Trado excellence is growing more and more! Salumificio Giordano with its Coppa and Pancetta from Piacenza, they are considered by gourmets among the tastiest in Italy.

Two in appearance simple products, but with every bite surprised and fall in love. The excellent quality of meats combined with the accuracy and precision of the craftsmanship with which they are processed, are the conditions to create two unique products, to be used as such or as your creativity will suggest!

You can have them quickly in your kitchen!


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