VARZI – STAFFORA VALLEY. Between the Ligurian Sea and the Po Valley, a mixture of knowledge, tastes and smells.

Vision and mission, our way into a hidden world

Trado is an international company with the objective to share the awareness and knowledge of several national food and wine cultures to intertwine and unite them. We want to give the gourmets and professionals of gastronomy the opportunity to have their own creations run wild and develop by combining a variety of ingredients, a new, modern way of conceiving the kitchen.


The globalization of markets allows, simply by its nature, preserving the differences and the tradition of excellence through the means of dissemination of knowledge, the exchange of products and, last but not least, the range of specialties in the consumer markets that the real value appreciates. The manufacturer of gastronomic tradition, in all corners of the globe, are committed to a production method which is partly due to the awareness of past generations and the landscape oddities, but then also take into account the potential for innovation and renewal. For both the use of high-quality natural raw materials and rigorous processes of processing are absolutely necessary, this makes it possible to offer a healthy food with an unmistakable taste.


The operating philosophy of Trado has the following objectives:

  1. Finding and selecting the treasures of the Italian food and wine, with particular attention to the often lesser-known production of northern Italy.
  2. Presentation of the traditional food to the professionals of the international hospitality industry, by providing the knowledge about history, use, preservation and storage of each of these products.
  3. Construction of a logistic system for the supply of products abroad with a method that makes it possible that the products remain in their place of origin up until a few hours before delivery to the customer, while maintaining the proper organoleptic character of the highest gustatory enjoyment and the recognition of product authenticity.
  4. Proper economic and commercial appreciation of the products in order to guarantee producers fair and satisfactory earnings and also to continue to encourage the discovery of quality and excellence, without going into compromise. In the long run, promote the implementation of an operation, which leads back to the original areas in order to support the development and construction of factories that produce gastronomic delicacies and quality, the true wealth of Italy. This would also contribute to the preservation and conservation of the countryside.
  5. Promotion of tourism in the lesser known areas of high cultural, historical and scenic value and at the same time to increase the excitation of the residents, the hospitality and receptivity of these areas. This should start from the existing structures. Only then will it be possible to introduce these areas to an international audience.

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