Harvesters. Work hard with passion and determination. Collect the fruits grown with so much effort. Trado understands this and wants to give them recognition.


Inside the Trado Philosophy. More than a food company, Trado tells the story of a country.

Italy. A land of history, traditions and cultures; a land full of colors, sounds and smells. A “boot” rich in shades, but most of all, flavors. From the picturesque hills with twining vines to the barrels where fine wines mature and where the olive oil mills grind from season to season. With its hidden gems such as the narrow valleys, steep slopes and the landscapes of Northern Italy and the regions of the northwest, caring guardians and protectors of their secrets and treasures, the treasures that are the products created by the people of this land with their strong hands. It is those treasures that created the culinary traditions of this country, which have always dictated the rules of taste and finesse in the kitchen.

Trado knows all of this. Trado knows not only where to find but also how to access the coffers that contain the valuable treasures.

Trado wants to be a messenger of the gastronomic culture, a part of our country that even Italians often do not know. To be the bridge uniting the products of this country with the gourmets of the world in order for them to create the best culinary art; to provide the treasures of Italy to all four corners of the world.

To be moral guardian and promoter of these products makes Trado the leading export company of the agricultural and culinary heritage of Italy.

It is a quest for perfection, an elevation of spirit and body, which only art can confer with its excellence. Producers are, therefore, not seen as such, but as master craftsmen who treat their products as treasures. Trado does not promote waste or consumerism, but rather a refinement of the soul of the gourmet. With this in mind, it is important to understand that Trado is not a product but rather a connection between products and gourmets, a refinement, a finesse approaching the final delicious alchemy.

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