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Globalization is converted from Trado, through the use of technologies and systems, in a way to make a heritage of exceptional food diversity known. Globalization has made it possible to upgrade the territoriality as a property of the food and wine production and to define it.

Without the current globalization, with the appropriate standardization of uses and methods, it would not have been necessary to talk about tradition, about their protection and custom.

Trado introduces the excellence of products from an area of land and, in a short amount of time, can provide it to the enthusiastic consumers throughout the world. A pretentious concept, is not it? Every small production has its roots in an ancient tradition refined over centuries and developed into high-quality products with a distinctive taste. Italy is said to have a great tradition of food and wine. What stayed in the memories of the visitors of this country are the flavors that have accompanied them during their stay, the epitome of a vast country, which in the past remained isolated because of the historical events.  A lot of the products, however, never reached great fame and has remained almost exclusively the heritage of production facilities, which are quite remote from the usual tourist routes.

The Trado team selected these manufacturers from those areas who could summarize tradition or choice, technology, know-how, knowledge and innovation. Each producer is known directly to us and the most appropriate decisions are taken together; this is done on the basis of production capacity, as a rule, very exclusive, and the seasons, another element that almost always contributes to the variety of flavors and aromas of foods.

However, this process does not lead to storage in depots far from the place of production and processing, for the production itself is tailored to the needs of Trado customers, taking into account the work of artisans. So each specialty remains in the original cellars, caves or rooms of maturation until the time of delivery; only these precious jewels are a Soprane & Sottane product and find their way to the most exclusive kitchens and restaurants.

Trado deals with the export formalities of Italy as well as the import formalities of foods in the target countries. It ensures delivery twice a week at a controlled temperature across Europe within 48 hours after the goods are dispatched. Each order is, therefore, processed by Trado to the various producers and delivered to each customer. This way we can truly say that each jewel that bears the Soprane & Sottane seal achieved its goal of retaining the aroma of Italy.

Due to the exceptional value of the Soprane & Sottane products, our company has developed a customer service to assist the customer in the selection and use of the food.

The Trado Tasting Events are presentations of selected products regularly organized at prestigious locations in different parts of the world. Each Trado Tasting Event consists of several moments about the history and tradition of the production areas, the organoleptic properties and general guidelines for the storage of products, in which our guests learn their use in preparations and, not least, from the greatest collections of food surprise and wine

 After the presentation, a dinner service is created by our chef and sommelier, a taste of traditional or innovative recipes using some of the Soprane & Sottane products.

 The Trado Support Program cares about the customer service and offers Help Desks where all information about the special features of each product can be obtained.

The system ensures that the company’s website and the encrypted pages of documentation about the products for the customer is available and that both individual chat with our chefs, sommeliers and producers as well as more in-depth meetings are made possible by videoconference.

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