Mirko Ronzoni belongs to a new generation of chefs who know how to refine and interpret traditions and hand down their new knowledge.

Trado. It might seem strange, but in this small word there is the “summa”, the culmination of decades of summarized thoughts, passions and career.

Trado is a simple name, short and easy to pronounce in all languages of the world, but it embodies a significance that Latins ascribed to each of their verbs and nouns, which had a fundamental value in their culture.

Trādĕre was used, in fact, to express the concepts of delivering through a tradition of storytelling, giving, action or omission behind a heritage. I have chosen the same verb to illustrate my thoughts of a vision, a dream, a company.

Trādĕre sums up these thoughts and desires of a project that knows how to use the possibilities and opportunities of technology as well as the global market to maintain the uniqueness and differences of each region. At the same time, this project seeks to facilitate the understanding and getting to know people and nations through food that has always been both a primary need, as well as an expression of traditions, customs and history of the people.

I consider it my goal that the true meaning of this verb, trādĕre, could be understood in its simple effectiveness and importance and thus support a movement of thought in life that knows how to face and fight the constant massification of thought that tends to level the endless and rich diversity of this planet. And it is worth trying to preserve the inexhaustible differences of this planet, because it is still the only one on which we can live.

Welcome to my vision, welcome to sharing this dream and to combining it with your own thoughts and to enrich to jointly highlight the strength of the individual variety. For that is the true wealth and the true instrument of human history.

Marco Zamarco

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